Time away to start a new…

For a couple years I wanted to start a blog. I didn’t have the courage to do so until a couple months ago. I felt on purpose, inspired and excited. I still do. After I started my blog some LIFE started happening. When I start something new I put my whole self in it. That is exactly what I did when I got started blogging. Then when other things that demanded immediate attention started happening….I couldn’t decide what to write. I lost my words and I went radio silent.

We all have plenty of life happening. We all have times in our lives when we are more inspired and on fire than others. We also don’t always know how to manage things in a balanced way. That is part of what I want to share on this blog. I am human…I error. I have times that I roar with passion and equally as important… are the times when I am quiet and reflective.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my passions truly are? What I want to use this platform to share? How can I do the most good and make the best impact on others….leave them better than I found them? The truth is that I have so many loves. Faith, fitness, food, family, friends and fashion :)…all the really GOOD stuff in life! The best answer I can come up with is that I will share whatever is on my heart to share. Whether that be a recipe, tear jerking update or my fav exercise of the day! Ramblings if you will! I look forward to hearing from all of you as well. My ears are always here to listen and support!

Always blessings-Never losses


Challenge Shout Out Week 3!

Sorry for the delay on this post. I’ve had some struggles with my eating this week and found myself being at a loss for what to share. I take this platform seriously and it is really important that I breathe support into each reader. Then I realized that by being silent I wasn’t being supportive at all. Struggles and successes are equally as important, they are really and there is no sense in pretending they don’t! 

We all have setbacks from time to time. My commitment to this journey or the work had not changed. Frankly my struggles were my own fault. I broke one of my own cardinal rules. I didn’t spend time preparing foods in advance so I can eat on the fly. This week I happened to be incredibly busy with my son’s school and some other new/changing things in my personal life. I found myself wanting to reach for easy stuff which did not fit the guidelines for our 30 Day program. Not even junk really but foods that contain gluten or dairy.

I have been reading The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson this week. Yesterday I realized what I really felt the need to share this week. Here is an excerpt….

"If you ate a cheeseburger and immediately suffered a near-fatal heart attack, would you ever go near a cheeseburger again? I doubt it. It may take twenty or thirty years , but when you add up the compounded interest on all the high-fat, artery-clogging dietary mayhem, eventually your poor overworked heart just quits, stops dead. And so do you. It’s been said that we dig our graves with our teeth.

It’s easy to eat well. And it’s easy not to.

It’ not the one junk-food meal; it’s the thousands, over time. Eating the burger is just a simple error in judgement. Not eating it is a simple positive action. Eating won’t kill you-today. But compounded over time , it can and will.

A simple, positive action. A simple error in judgement. Either way it’s the Slight Edge at work-working for you or against you.”

Wow! Those are powerful words. For me this was so true this week. It was easy for me not to be prepared. And I paid the price. I ate boring meals, had some cravings and was late on this post. I am committed to doing what I need to do daily…little things to continue to improve and enhance my health. I pray you do the same!

Now let’s share our success!!!! Drum roll please……..of the reporting challengers we lost another…-31.8 pounds!!! WOW! Way to bring it in Week 3!!! Look at those daily disciplines adding up! Congratulations!

Let’s finish strong and really BRING IT in our final days!

Always Blessings, Never Losses-Jacqui

Challenge Shout Out Week 2!

WE ARE ROCKIN!! I am so proud to see all of the triumphs our group is experiencing on this program! This 30 days is a true test of commitment to our health. I know that there are times of temptation but with staying power, look what we can do! Of the challengers that reported we lost a total of -29.20lbs! We are down 83.20 so far!!! Woot, woot!!

For me this week was excellent! I was into a grove with cooking and being prepared to eat on the fly if I was in a hurry. I completed the 7-day cleanse and felt even better by day 5. I really started thinking about what my body is telling me during this time. By nature I am a busy person. I like to be active and get things done. Our refresh has allowed me an opportunity to slow down and pay closer attention to what my body is saying. I realized that my body is telling me that I should consider making a modified version of this program a lifestyle choice. I feel incredible. My stomach is flatter, cravings are gone, I have energy, am losing weight and feel very balanced.

Are you listening to what your body is telling you? What is it saying? Are there parts of the program that you may keep after the 30 days are over? I challenge you to give yourself permission to SLOW DOWN and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. You won’t be sorry. That is the beauty of this program, whatever your goals, you get to hit the Refresh button and start over!

I have had two separate experiences with people in my extended family becoming very ill and being hospitalized in the past few weeks. What stood out to me was one main message…. the body is NOT compartmentalized the way we often think of it. Every system and cell work in a symphony to synergistically create optimum health and wellness. When we are out of balance with stress, infection, poor diet, lack of exercise or a depressed emotional state, the body goes into overdrive to try to compensate. The body can’t maintain that state for very long and more serious manifestations arise that demand our attention. It is only then that we take action. Sadly many people live life this way everyday, therefore, they don’t have TRUE ABUNDANCE with regard to their health or the other areas of life.

I congratulate and commend you for putting yourself back on your list of things to do. This is SO CRITICAL for your life to be abundant in every area!

"Even the slightest change in your diet can generate a new body and a fresh mind. Avoid eating anything today that creates conflict in you. Observe how instantly your body manifests a grateful feeling." -Caroline Myss and Peter Occiogrosso

Have a wonderful week!

Always blessings, Never losses-Jacqui

Butternut squash soup with veggie shreds(dairy free cheese) and slow cooked chicken breast with grilled onions. Amazing healthy lunch on this chilly day!

Butternut squash soup with veggie shreds(dairy free cheese) and slow cooked chicken breast with grilled onions. Amazing healthy lunch on this chilly day!

Gluten & Dairy Free bagel topped with garlic hummus, avocado, tomato and chicken! Oh yeah! Delish!

Gluten & Dairy Free bagel topped with garlic hummus, avocado, tomato and chicken! Oh yeah! Delish!

Challenge Shout Out Week One!

I am so excited and proud to take a moment to recognise the participants of our 30-day Refresh Challenge! In week one we saw some major successes! People are losing weight, increasing energy and feeling great!

Of the reporting challengers we lost a total of -54lbs! What an excellent accomplishment! You should be very proud of your success!

We are now on Day 10 of the 30 days. I know at this point things can get difficult. The newness of it all has worn off and reality is setting in. I honestly feel great and haven’t been tempted to cheat at all. There are so many excellent substitutions and healthy options that I haven’t felt the desire to sneak anything. That said, last night my hubby and kiddos wanted pizza for dinner. Guess who had to go pick it up? You guessed it…yours truly was the pizza getter last night! Those steaming hot pies were sitting next to me all the way home. Man… the delicious aroma was wafting around me like a cyclone in the car. Then I got home and everyone sat down to dig in. It was too much….I couldn’t deal. I WAS NOT GOING TO GIVE IN!!! I stood at the counter to eat my dinner so that I wasn’t annoyed or tempted.

I always recommend sitting down to eat but hey…you gotta do what you gotta do! I am so glad I didn’t eat that pizza. I know I would have felt terrible afterward. I am very grateful for this opportunity to give my body a break from gluten and dairy. I normally eat clean but I must say I am surprised by how much this Refresh has positively affected how I feel.

If you have fallen of the wagon, I encourage you to get back on. Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to take a few moments to and reflect on what caused you to get off track. Over the past two years of my weight loss journey there have been many times that I have fallen off. This is not really about a challenge. This is about YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE! You deserve to have health, vitality, to feel beautiful and have energy! Let’s do this!

Committed to your health-Jacqui

Gluten Free oats, maple agave, strawberries,kiwi and cinnamon! Get some!

Gluten Free oats, maple agave, strawberries,kiwi and cinnamon! Get some!

Found this a couple days ago….love it! Agave with maple extract! Yum!

Found this a couple days ago….love it! Agave with maple extract! Yum!

""People get what they want in life when they reach the point at which they can see themselves having what they seek." ~Thomas D. Willhite"
"One day you wake up and realize that everyone just wants the same things. To be heard, to be felt, to be loved and to be noticed. Sometimes people say and do things that are stemming from past hurts not current circumstances. One area of my life that I am Focusing to come up higher in is to really “BE WITH” when my loved ones need me. Even when they’re not saying they do. By slowing down, listening, empatizing, being compassionate and paying attention. Really paying attention not just to what they are saying but what they aren’t saying. Being there is all that really matters in this beautiful life. Love to all. *smile*"